Hi, I’m a typical email subscriber on your list. You know, the one you’ve been bombarding with advocacy alerts every other day for the last forever? I’m sorry I haven’t responded to any of your messages, but I gotta say, that’s not going to change unless you do something. Don’t get me wrong, I like your organization – that’s why I signed up to get your emails in the first place! But now you send me SO MANY emails, and SO MANY of them just don’t seem interesting or relevant to me. The thing is, I’m really busy and I don’t have a ton of time to take action – so unless you’re ready to listen and take my feelings into account, I think maybe we should spend some time apart.

Does this sound like one of your email subscribers? Even if you don’t recognize it, this is how a lot of them might feel. So what do you do about it? You take a lesson from Oxfam America.

Megan Weintraub, New Media Manager at Oxfam America, is ready to share their segmentation strategy and demonstrate how it can help your organization – all you have to do is vote for her session at NTEN’s 2013 NTC. If her session gets picked, she’ll pass on her wise words to help ensure that you’re sending the best advocacy messages to your full list while still accomplishing all your internal goals.

Vote for Megan’s session before September 7 to learn:

  1. How to use your most engaged activists to determine future success of messages
  2. How to use data – not just educated guesses! – to tailor your advocacy program
  3. How to determine audiences and timing for action alerts, including how to balance advocacy and fundraising in a single messaging stream (yes, it can be done!)

Are you intrigued yet? I’m really excited about this session, and Megan can’t wait to share her secrets with you. So head on over to the NTC website to vote for Megan’s session.

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