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This year, 225 wonderful nonprofits partners joined in the fun, contributing data on fundraising, advocacy, engagement, mobilization, and marketing. Cram your cranium with metrics on email and mobile messaging, advertising, web traffic, social media and influencers, and more. 

Some of the findings reflect signs of trouble, some show the value of nonprofits taking a risk, and others are pure perfection. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll find:

  • Average online revenue declined by 1% in 2023, while direct mail revenue fell by 6%. We also break down performance during the critical end-of-year fundraising period. 
  • Total advertising investment — including both digital and non-digital channels — increased by 13%. While search remains the most reliable platforms, nonprofits are experimenting with connected TV, digital audio, and other emerging channels.
  • About a quarter of nonprofits had active peer to peer mobile messaging programs in 2023, driving event attendance, recruiting volunteers, and generating donations and advocacy actions.
  • The social media landscape is changing quickly. Nonprofits more than doubled TikTok audiences in 2023, while Twitter/X fans declined. About half of M+R Benchmarks participants reported working with social media influencers in 2023.
  • Email accounted for 16% of all online fundraising — but while audiences grew, individual email metrics declined across the board.
  • The majority of nonprofit website traffic came from users on mobile devices, but desktop users contributed almost 80% of online revenue. PLUS: we’ll help you make sure you don’t lose access to data as Google ends support for Universal Analytics.

The 2024 M+R Benchmarks Study is a big, big operation, and there’s so much more waiting for you at

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