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“America is not nearly as ‘fragmented’ or ‘polarized’ as the press paints us to be. There’s what’s called the exhausted majority, a lot of people who want something different but they can’t really imagine it and they don’t have the microphone so we don’t hear from them. We need to give them the microphone and talk to them as well.” — john a. powell, in our recent webinar, Winning Elections Without Losing Everything.

Did you miss it? The recording is right here — and it’s a riveting 60 minutes. Truly. 

The conversation between powell and Christian LoBue, M+R Win’s Executive Vice President, couldn’t have come at a more important moment. This year’s presidential election presents a myriad of challenges, and the path to victory often seems strewn with the wreckage of ethical compromise. The temptation to reduce people and groups to caricatures and strip away their humanity, to punish or humiliate those who try to bridge across differences, and to let ourselves get caught up in the win-at-all-costs mentality is real.

LoBue and powell dig in on how we can avoid letting that mentality drive our strategies and communications with thoughtful examples and more than a few inspiring guidelines. The short answer? This is long haul work, not the work of one election cycle or season. But it is possible, and the results have the potential to be transformative. See for yourself right here.

Are you ready to tackle this election (and beyond) with smarter strategies and implementation that builds your people power? We’d love to chat — reach out to Christian LoBue here.  And find out more about M+R Win here.