We had a blast at last year’s NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) – and we also learned a lot!

One of the things that makes NTEN’s annual conference so great is the (partially) democratic process: As a community, nonprofit techies get to decide which sessions will be most valuable – as long as they’re speedy enough to get their votes in before the September 7th deadline.

We’d like to officially put in a plug for one session that promises to go down in the history books. Even if you’ve never been to a conference session with one of our fearless leaders, Sarah and Madeline, you’ve probably heard the tales… (Homemade sangria and comfy chairs, anyone?) For nearly a year, Sarah and Madeline have been scheming about what they’d do at their joint NTC debut. Today, we humbly request your voting assistance in helping make this dream a reality:

7 Minutes in Heaven

      Last year, two of the most badass broads in the online biz, Sarah DiJulio of M+R and Madeline Stanionis of Watershed, joined forces in a “merge made in heaven.” Every single day, their combined companies are responsible for communicating with millions of people, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, and running sophisticated, inspiring, and successful campaigns. In this session, these two experts will put all that experience to work for you by tackling your trickiest online strategy challenges with trademark honesty, wisdom, wit, and, of course, delightful beverages – all in seven minute increments. Watch, listen, learn and laugh – or throw your cause’s problems into the mix by tweeting with the hashtag #7heavenNTC with an uber-brief description of your problem or goal.

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Yes, you read that right: “delightful beverages.” Need we say more? (OK, fine, here’s more: Tailored solutions for your organization’s unique challenges, born of decades of combined experience, and a chance to see firsthand why the country’s leading non-profits hire M+R and Watershed.)

If that sounds like your cup of (Long Island Iced) tea, then vote this session up!

And check out these other great sessions (and please vote them up if you’re interested in seeing them at the conference!), some from M+R and some from our clients: