The event is over, and your live-tweeting was a success. But, hold your horses, you’re not quite done yet! Almost as important as successfully live-tweeting is effectively following up.

This is the last in our series about how to make live-tweeting a success. Hope it’s been helpful! (Missed the first two? You can find them here and here!)

  • Thank the people who organized the event (if it isn’t you!)
  • Thank you from tweet from FutureBoyThank you from tweet from WorldMomsBlog

  • Post a tweet or two about what you learned from the event and how much you enjoyed it!
  • Follow some of the people who tweeted using the hashtag. Those people are likely to be interested in your organization’s work since they were participating or retweeting the information coming out of the event. You don’t need to follow everyone – just the people you are interested in connecting with or who tweet about things you’re interested in. It’s a great way to make new connections!
  • Post a recap of the event on your organization’s blog. Highlight some of the best tweets about the event! Then, tweet about the blog post using the hashtag you used when you were live-tweeting.
  • UNOCHA recap tweet

  • Give your new connections a shout-out. Did you meet some great new people because of the event? Be sure to mention them on Twitter and let them know that it was great to meet them!
  • aidbrella nice-to-meet-you tweetDagmar nice-to-meet-you tweet

  • Feature your new friends in the next Follow Friday by including them in a tweet the Friday after your event.
  • Take a step back and analyze the outcome of the live-tweeting—determine whether or not it was useful to your organization. Here are some metrics you may want to consider:
    • How many new followers did you gain?
    • How many times was your content re-tweeted?
    • How many people tweeted using your hashtag during or after the event?

Finally, take a look back at your overall goals and objectives, and think about whether live-tweeting helped you reach them. If so, why? If not, think about how you might tweak your process to make it more successful next time.

Thoughts? Questions? We’d love to hear them. Please leave a comment below, and happy live-tweeting!