Surprises from Obama’s New Media Staff

Over peanuts and gin, two of the Obama 2012 campaign’s top gurus shared the inside scoop on messaging for a successful presidential campaign at M+R’s first Speakeasy. Check out what worked, what tanked, and everything else you wanted to know about their messaging and fundraising campaign.

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Testing, testing, 1,2,3… check us out at NTC!

Voting is open to decide sessions for NTEN’s 2013 NTC. We’ve proposed some awesome sessions – check them out!

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Google is shutting down Website Optimizer: What you need to know

Google is switching from Web Optimizer to Content Experiments for webpage testing. Here’s what you need to know about the transition!

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End of Year revisited: What worked in 2010

Are you ready for the year-end fundraising push? Before you finalize your plan, you may want to take a look at some of our findings from the 2010 end-of-year season.

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How to rock your Facebook “like” drive

Want people to “like” you on Facebook? “Like” drives are a great way to connect with your supporters on Facebook.

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Tip: Make your audience the hero of your story

Storytelling can take your online campaign to the next level. But are you using stories effectively? Here’s one tip that can help.

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Why you should open with a ‘green monster’

Want proof that a story is a more powerful motivator than a shocking stat? Well, now we’ve got test results.

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Results from the 2010 End of Year Giving Season

So, how did the end of year season turn out for non-profits? With final results in, we decided to compare our clients’ end-of-year 2010 results to their 2009 figures. Here are the top findings

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Do $5 Asks + Big Red Buttons Work? Results from our 2009 End-of-Year Fundraising Tests

When December 2009 rolled around, we were itching to test a number of promising new strategies to increase our clients’ online fundraising returns. We decided to take advantage of the high volume of online fundraising and website traffic that mark the end-of-year period to run a number of tests for our clients.

The results were surprising.

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