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Awesome panel discussions. Fancy apps. Ubiquitous tote bags. Hallway schmoozing. After-hours shenanigans. More tote bags, probably. That’s right, pals, it’s conference season. AND HOW! Here’s where you can catch us M+R folks at any of NINE conferences below.

Let us know here if you’re planning on attending any (or all?) (really?) of these conferences—we want to see you!

Get ready for some serious knowledge sharing, cold beverage sipping, and nerding out about our favorite fundraising, digital ads, media relations, and digital organizing topics.

The Nonprofit Alliance: Pivot & Prevail

May 23, New York City
First up, the Nonprofit Alliance’s inaugural conference! Are you also attending? Be sure to find Associate Media Director Neil Marchese and Senior Vice President Liz Ertner and say hello 👋.

DMAW Digital Day

June 4, Washington, DC
Managing Partner Sarah DiJulio will be attending, and Senior Vice President Jessica Bosanko is teaming up with our pals Steve Kehrli from PETA and Wendy Husman from Mal Warwick Donordigital to present “Maximizing Moments that Matter with Automation” at 1:30-2:30pm. You’ll learn:

  • What’s working in welcome messaging and automated onboarding
  • How automation can help recruit donors & sustainers, upgrade & renew donors, and recapture lapsed sustainers
  • How organizations are using automated messages to keep email list subscribers from going inactive
  • How to add awesome alliteration to your session titles.    

We hope to see you there!

Spanish Fundraising Congress

June 4-6, Madrid, Spain
Partner Madeline Stanionis will be presenting a Masterclass (“Digital Fundraising Now: What’s working, what’s trending, and what’s changing for online fundraising, advocacy, and marketing”) AND a Workshop (“Digital Benchmarks 2019: Online fundraising metrics to guide your program”).


June 11-13, Boston
Remember all the blog posts we featured about 2018 year-end giving? There’s a lot to talk about! That’s why Senior Data Strategist Karen Hopper is co-presenting a panel allllll about 2018 Year End Giving and what the heck happened. She’ll also be a panelist for the Data Blindspots session, along with folks from Kindful and Omatic, moderated by Eric Dayton from buildOn.

Heading to this Classy conference? Let us know and maybe we can meet up for a summery beverage 🍹.

Fundraising Online

June 12-13
Here’s a conference you can join from your desk (or maybe some warm beach locale with wifi?)! Tune in for Partner Madeline Stanionis’s session “Digital Trends 2019: The Top 10 New (And Old!) Digital Strategies and Tactics for NGOs” to learn:

  • The top ten current trends in digital fundraising and engagement
  • Several ideas for tactics and strategies that NGOs can employ today
  • What NGOs need to be considering for the future

RSVP for this online session here.

The Fundraising Convention

July 1-3, London
Vice President, Digital Advertising Matt Derby is venturing across the pond to present “M+R Benchmarks—what we can learn from 13 years of digital data” at The Fundraising Convention. You’ll learn all about using Benchmarks data to spot the trends that shape nonprofit digital programs. If you’re also bopping around London for the conference, be sure to join us for the session on Tuesday, July 2 from 9:15-10:15am.

Public Media Development & Marketing Conference

July 9-12, Dallas
Public Media friends! Will you be in Dallas in July (oof—we’re a bit worried about the heat too 🔥)? Be sure to swing by Senior Vice President Yoon Lee’s session “Beyond Year-End: Boost Revenue Any Month With Special Campaigns.” She’ll be talking about learning to use other occasions besides end of year to grab attention and new dollars.

We’d love to meet up (somewhere with air conditioning!) so let us know if you’ll be there!


July 10-12, National Harbor
We’re presenting and partying at National Harbor this year!

You can catch Partner Madeline Stanionis and Allyson Goldsmith from USA for UNHCR talking about “Digital Fundraising: What’s New, What’s Working, and What’s a Waste of Time” on Thursday, July 11 from 11:15am – 12:30pm. We’ll start by looking at the big picture and data in each area, and then show many examples and case studies, and end with recommendations. Expect a little bit of fun, a lot of examples, many answers to your burning questions, and most of all, TRUTH about what’s really happening out there and what’s just hype.

Then wake up to Senior Vice President Steve Daigneault and Dana Weinstein from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s session “Media relations: fundraising’s BFF” at 8:15-9:20am on Friday, July 12. This session will share case studies of organizations who’ve successfully built media relations into their fundraising campaigns. Learn what kinds of fundraising campaigns are and aren’t media-worthy. And get tips for how to build newsworthy moments into your campaigns, use celebrities and influencers as your messengers, and make the most of the media-fundraising moment when your story hits.

Ready to party? We’re hosting our annual event at The Tasting Room on Thursday, July 11 from 5:30-7:30pm. We’ll have tasty snacks, fun conversation, and WINE CREDIT CARDS, which are exactly what they sound like: credit cards that only buy glasses of 🍷. RSVP here!

Netroots Nation

July 11-13, Philadelphia
Partner Marc Ruben and a whole phalanx of folks from our media relations and digital organizing teams will be rabble-rousing in Philly for Netroots. We’re currently planning one of our legendary parties so let us know if you want us to send party details when we have ‘em!


Phew! That’s it. Happy conferencing, y’all!