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We could all use a little clarity, a little stability, something solid we can count on. Given how extremely…eventful 2020 has been, it’s especially important to be able to understand the changes that are affecting nonprofits and their supporters.

That’s what the annual M+R Benchmarks Study is all about: comprehensive and reliable metrics for a vast array of nonprofit digital data. Solid ground on which to stand, a clear lens with which to see. This free resource helps our nonprofit community gain important insights into their own programs and the industry at large. And it all comes down to the wonderful, kind, generous nonprofit participants who provide the data behind the findings.

The window to sign up as a Benchmarks participant is open NOW—and it closes December 11th. This your chance to contribute, and to gain a better understanding of your own results and context. Sign up now!

Participation primarily involves collecting and coding a big stack of data, which our analytics team will combine (anonymously!) with data from dozens of other nonprofits to create a set of averages, trends, and key metrics. In addition to helping make the study, you’ll receive an individualized analysis comparing the data you submitted for your organization to other organizations of your size and type.

Benchmarks covers website traffic, social media, email, digital ads, SMS, fundraising, advocacy, and marketing. We break the findings out by nonprofit size and sector to try to present the most relevant trends and averages. And we provide analysis that helps put all of that into context and guide decision-making.

Each edition of Benchmarks is only as good as our pool of participants—the more nonprofits who sign up, the more reliable and thorough the final study will be. That’s why we hope you’ll join the fun and sign up to participate today!

Your data security and anonymity are VERY IMPORTANT to us. All-caps bold important. We aggregate the numbers with other organizations so your specific dataset isn’t identifiable.

We do our best to make participating easy by outlining what data we need from you—mostly some data exports and coding of your message data, but it does sometimes take 8+ hours to complete. Again, we take measures to make sure that your organization’s data is confidential and non-identifiable in the final study. Only you will know how your organization stacks up in the end (and you will know sooooo much about it).

Sign up here—and reach out to if you have any questions!


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