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Last week, M+R Win’s Christian LoBue (Executive Vice President) and Kate Ryan (Vice President) teamed up with M+R smarties Nehal Mahmoud (Principal Audience & Research Manager) and Ankur Asthana (Vice President in Digital Organizing) to discuss our take on what the Countdown to the 2024 election has in store for nonprofits and campaigns. It was riveting! And, so full of actionable advice and insights that we want to share it with all of you. (Seriously! Some of us on the M+R team have heard this conversation multiple times and keep going back to it. Bring the popcorn because this is a gooooood one!)

Regardless of the issues that your organization works on, or your c3/c4 status, you know nonprofits play a key role in defining the issues that elections focus on, along with the policies beyond each election cycle. Nonprofit advocacy helps educate voters, the media, and even candidates about the issues voters care about the most, and can help hold elected officials accountable once they take office. Honing your organization’s advocacy roadmap now is imperative for creating real, lasting change that impacts people’s lives in 2024 and beyond. 

The webinar offered some key insights on the current political landscape and shared advice about where to begin, how to set goals, the role of audience and message research, and how to utilize the election cycle in service of building long-term power. Plus a TON more. Check out the recording here.

Our team is always interested in talking about elections and related topics.

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This was the first of M+R Win’s Election 2024 webinar series. Watch for the next installment early next year.

p.s. Panelists also shared a couple of really useful resources during their discussion, including:

  • Bolder Advocacy for guidance in all things related to nonprofits and advocacy
  • Analyst Institute for research and best practices for getting out the vote and other electoral cycle planning.