Office Amenities and Pricing

NYC and DC friends!

Are you looking for a new place to set up your laptop once in a while? Do you need an occasional location to huddle with co-workers or clients? Do you need a pleasant venue for a day-long board meeting? Consider renting space at M+R’s offices!

Like most of you, we at M+R have made some significant shifts in working style since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, and our once bustling office spaces in DC and NYC are quieter than we’d like. We’re welcoming subtenants — let’s call them “members” — to rent space occasionally or semi-regularly. Available options include individual workspaces in our open-plan offices, as well as private offices and conference rooms. We’re in great locations (near City Hall in NYC, near the White House in DC), with excellent access to public transportation. And of course, we’ve got all the usual amenities, enhanced with M+R flair and spirit. (Recreational games! Puzzles! Bike storage! Snacks!)

Interested? Explore our DC and NYC options, including rates, amenities, and photos below. Significantly discounted pricing is available for groups seeking 5+ seats. If you have questions or want to learn more, contact Kerry Morris (

Hope to see you soon!